The Concepts Project is bringing together the best analogies, stories, and visuals to explain important concepts from different subjects in simple, accessible ways.

We're a group of young writers and academics who are passionate about our subjects and want to share some of the concepts we love with the world (and with each other). Find out more about us at the authors page.

What makes us different? We focus solely on concepts, not empirical results or individual studies. By the time you finish reading one of our short, fun pieces, you should have a good preliminary understanding of a big idea or important concept that one of our experts has found themselves using again and again in their work and in everyday life. (We're also different because we cut out all the chaff so that our pieces are fun, funny and easily digestible).

Is there a topic you'd like us to write about, or do you just want to say "hi"? Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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Greatest Hits

Thinking At The Margin: what to do when you drop your piggy bank in the middle of the forest.

Strategy and Backward Induction: how to win a week of lunches from your unsuspecting colleagues.

What is Multiple Imputation?: when statisticians turn into detectives.

On Shuttle Drivers, Chocolate and NP Completeness: a deliciously difficult problem in computer science.

Rest and Digest vs Fight or Flight: how your body (and medications) help with fighting tigers.

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