Photo Credits

With immense appreciation for the kind folks who post photos to the Creative Commons.

Tortoise Eating by Peter Pearson. Used in Understanding the Coase Theorem. Thank you to Peter.

Record Store Day @ Rough Trade East 09 by spencer hickman. Used in Understanding Principal-Agent Problems. Thank you to Spencer.

DSC_9655 by Renato Ganoza. Used in Understanding Inflammation. Thank you to Renato.

You sunk my battleship! by Derek Gavey. Used in Understanding the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Thank you Derek.

Backwards by Quinn Dombrowski. Used in Game Theory: Strategy and Backward Induction. Thank you Quinn.

Fence by Henry Burrows. Used in Chesterton's Fence. Thank you Henry.

money money money by Alexey Krasavin. Used in Understanding the Permanent Income Hypothesis. Thank you Alexey.

Seesaw, by Steven Lilley. Used in Second Best Equilibrium. Thank you Steven.

Untitled by Nicki Varkevisser. Used in The Availability Heuristic. Thank you Nicki.

July 14/10 Remains of the cupcake by Judith Doyle. Used in On Shuttle Drivers, Chocolate, and NP-Completeness Thank you Judith.

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