Zombies and Tight Doorways

As anyone can attest to, trying to squeeze out of a Tube doorway is not always comfortable. When there are dozens of other people trying to get out too, it's just not fun. Now, imagine that in addition to your polite and thoughtful fellow passengers, there are dozens of mindless, ... Read more »

Identity Tourism

Take a trip back to the 90s – a time of Britpop, shell-suits, and really really bad hair. You’ve just joined the hip new service known as the internet, and are busy trying to make new friends from around the world. You log in to a chat room, and are ... Read more »


Billy, a regular internet commentator, is not an infrequent visitor to some unsavoury websites where he gets in arguments with the regulars. One day, he gets in a particularly heated debate with a very angry wingnut. Billy logs off after a few hours of fighting the good fight ­but he ... Read more »


On Shuttle Drivers, Chocolate, and NP-Completeness

I used to regularly take a shuttle from my university campus back to my house. As the students climbed aboard, we would each dutifully nod to the driver and name our destination. What happened next never failed to amaze me: the driver would squint at his clipboard, review which of ... Read more »

Binary image

Understanding Binary

Imagine you have a bunch of pet blobs. You keep your pet blobs in a little row on your desk. They look like this: Now, obviously all of your blobs are special in their own sweet way, but it isn’t hard to notice that one of them (the pink ... Read more »

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