Day 10 by Jay Reed,

Cancer: when orderly processes go awry

Let’s say you are a customs and immigration officer at an international airport. You have two important tasks to perform. First, you need to ensure an efficient flow of traffic through your station. This means making sure the people get through in a timely manner. But equally important, you ... Read more »

Tiger Tiger

Rest and Digest vs Fight or Flight

Our bodies, when you think about it, have to deal with very different sets of challenges at different times: fending off tigers (or opposing players on the hockey team) is a very different activity than recuperating after a tiger-attack or hockey-blow. So throughout the day (or hour, or minute), our ... Read more »

Girl blowing up balloon which represents Inflammation somehow

Understanding Inflammation

In developed countries, some of the most intractable medical problems are not related to infection, but rather inflammation. It’s hard to watch TV and not see ads for drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammation of joints), Asthma/allergies (breathing pathways), Atherosclerosis (blood vessels), or Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (intestines). But what ... Read more »

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